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Apollon Temple Side

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Tasuçu is located 40 km west of Kizkalesi (distance to Adana and the airport is about 160 km). 

Tasuçu on a huge peninsula with the longest beach of Turkey - 35 km fine sandy beaches - so nobody is astonished that here are the most European property owners of the region.

Tasuçu is also well-known because of the ferry port with the daily ferries to Cyprus.

The peninsula is also worth seeing because of its unique nature. You find salt lakes here in a nature which remind you being in the Netherlands but also a desert area is available and it looks like the Sahara and not to forget the beautiful, deserted, sandy beaches. A big part of the peninsula is an unique nature park for a variety of rare birds and also to protect the turtles (Caretta turtles) which lay their eggs in the sand of the beaches. A special unit of the University is taking care of the turtle project.

As follows some photos:

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Netherlands, or?

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Salt lake

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Salt lake

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Walkway ashore

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Desert, or?

tasucu8.JPG (1424290 Byte)

Yes, sure - desert !

tasucu3.JPG (1514875 Byte)

Almost deserted


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