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Apollon Temple Side

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Saklıkent / Antalya

The Saklıkent-Alp

In an altitude of 1.750 - 1900 m, in the middle of the Beydag mountains (a part of Taurus), there is the Saklıkent alp. In the summer it is a popular destination as well for tourists as for local people. The most of them want to camp or to have a picnic there. In the winter time it is an excellent ski area. Saklikent is regarded as a secret hint for this sport, because it is more unknown than the ski area Uludag / Bursa in the north west territories of Turkey. To reach Saklikent, You have to go from Antalya about 50 km in direction to north (10 km are extended roads, but 40 km are only a track - don't forget snow chains for the car in winter time).

From january until april it is the best time for snow. In Saklıkent You will find a few boarding-houses and some simple hotels (alltogether approx. 2.000 beds), restaurants, tea houses and 2 ski lifts.

Well, it is a typical mountain village. Please, do not expect the luxury of St. Tropez, but enjoy the breathtaking view into a phantastic mountain scenery. And in the afternoon You go swimming in the Mediterranean sea. This combination only exists in Saklıkent and Antalya.

What do You think about a snowball battle??

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winter time

summer time


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