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Apollon Temple Side

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Perge / Aspendos

Perge is located 17 km away from Antalya and the sea.  You will reach this village in direction to Manavgat (from Antalya), in front of the City of Aksu You have to take the left way. From the highway it is only a distance of 3 km.  

The village was probably founded 1.000 B.C. on the top of a hill and later it spread out through the valley and another hill. Impressively rises the remaining parts of one of the City gates into the sky. If You pass the gate, the relics of the long and approx. 20 m wide mainstreet (with its pillars at the left and right side) are in front of You. Immediately everybody feels to be put in that time. As well the relics of the 240 m long and 34 m wide stadium are more than only impressive. 25.000 spectators could take place in this stadium. Also the theatre of Perge (for 15.000 spectators) impressed. Many statues of Perge are today in the Antalya museeum.

Beside of the above mentioned antique places of Perge there are more sights in this corner. Aspendos with the greatest Amphitheatre (in good condition) of Asia. You will find Aspendos (from Antalya) in direction to Manavgat, near Serık You have to follow on the left side the street to Belkis and after 4 km You will reach the centre of Aspendos.


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Old gate of Belkis

Aspendos Amphitheatre

In the antique theatre of Aspendos happens classic operas and ballet perfomances regular in the season, which are wellknown and famous - not only in Turkey. If You are interested in this kind of entertainment, please, book Your tickets in the Tourist Information offices or in the museeums - there they are cheaper than in any Tour Agency or in the Internet.


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