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Apollon Temple Side

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65 km east of Antalya and only 4 km of Side there is Manavgat. The area arround Manavgat has a lot of historical villages and nature, nature, nature (predominant pine wood). Modern hotels located at the wide beaches in the west and east of Manavgat in the famous villages of Side, Sorgun, Titryengöl, Kumköy or Çolaklı.

In spite of the tourism in the surrounding Cities - Manavgat is still a typical Turkish City. 

In the centre of Manavgat You will find the dark green River of Manavgat. The river divides the town into 2 parts. There are a lot of Turkish Gulets (osmanic style wooden boats) on the river, which invite You to make a trip to the cascades.

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Many tourists know Manavgat because of its famous Bazaars. Every monday and thursday You will find the large bazaar in Manavgat City - and especially the vegetable bazaar is worth visiting - at once You feel the oriental atmosphere here.

The main attraction are the Manavgat Waterfalls (see the foto below). With a height of only 5 m isn't it so powerful like Düden Waterfalls near Antalya, but the imposing quantity of water impresses everybody.

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Every Tour agency offers a visit of the Manavgat Waterfalls as well as boat trips on the Manavgat river. Restaurants, teahouses and picnic places invite You to make a stop.

Try the fresh trouts - especially from the Manavgat river - as a specialty taste it excellent.

You make Your trips with an own (rented) car - ok, go along the Manavgat river in direction to north and enjoy the nature. Stop at the Manavgat lake and perhaps You have the chance to see the remains of a village lost in the water.

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Lake near Manavgat

Idyllic restaurant


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