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Apollon Temple Side

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The romantic town of KIZKALESI is located 120 km west of the Airport of Adana and approx. 55 km west of Mersin. The town got its name because of the beautiful castle in the sea in front of the town's sandy beach - Kizkalesi means "girl's castle".

The legend of the castle says: Once there was a king in Kizkalesi, he had only one daughter and loved her more than everything else. But there was a prediction, that the princess would die because of a snake's bite. Because of this prophecy, the king built the castle in the sea to protect his daughter. But nevertheless in a fruit basket was a hidden snake, which bit the princess' finger and so the prediction became true and the daughter died..


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Kizkalesi = girl's castle

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Castle in the night

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Aerial photo of the castle


But there exist also other sightseeing places in Kizkalesi. We recommend "Adamkayalar" - an impressive canyon in the mountains of Kizkalesi with a breathtaking view on the coast. In the caves there You find beautiful Romanic Reliefs. But - pay attention - You should not be afraid of hight and You need the right shoes to climb down to the caves.

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Canyon of Adamkayalar with Romanic Reliefs in the mountains of Kizkalesi

In Kizkalesi and in the villages nearby like Ayaş or Narlikuyu You find sandy beaches, pebble beaches and as well a rocky shore - but in any case you find beautiful, small bays and a lot of places to be alone.

Kizkalesi is located between Silifke and Erdemli (23 km distance to each of these towns) - in both cities are a lot of shopping opportunities - but we prefer Silifke, because it is the nicer City with a lot of ancient places and buildings.


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