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Apollon Temple Side

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About 60 km east of Side / Manavgat or about 130 km east ofAntalya there is the tourist village Alanya with approx. 120.000 inhabitants.

If You come from Antalya You will see, that there is a change of the countryside 30 km in front of Alanya. The cotton fields change into banana plantations and the mountains touch the sea. You take the coast road and so You discover picturesque bays and creeks.

Alanya is a good mixture - a lot of evening entertainment, far-reaching beaches, idyllic places, nature pure, anitque places etc. etc.

For a long time Alanya is a touristic village - and You will notice it. Here You can get everything that Your heart desires, but it is also a little bit more expensive than in other touristic areas.

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Stroll throug the small shopping centres arround the harbour, visit the castle of Alanya with its red tower (see the foto on the left side). The castle with its very long walls is located on the  castle hill of Alanya. But before stop in one of the nice Cafés.



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You feel like dancing? In Alanya are several pubs and discos arround the harbour and also above of the castle hill - but here with a special romantic..


By the way approx. 15 km behind Alanya there is a way (left side) to Dimcay. This is an absolutely MUST. There You will find caves (e.g. DIM-cave) as well as a very beautiful nature along the Dimcay-river. On the way stop in one of the many river-restaurants. You have the choice to eat in ankle deep water or perhaps in a restaurant on the top of a tree...


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